Conference presentation
Francisco (left) presented the first paper at GeoHab 2022 on Monday 16th May.

GeoAcoustics Product Specialist Francisco J Gutierrez has been in Venice at the GeoHab 2022 conference all week, where he was proud to kick off the proceedings on Monday morning, with a paper and practical demonstration highlighting the application of Artificial Intelligence in bathymetric data processing.

GEOHAB is an international association of marine scientists studying and mapping geophysical, biophysical, and geomorphic indicators of benthic communities, species diversity, and distribution.

A university building in Venice
For the first time, the GeoHab venue this year was Venice International University, San Servolo Island

In its 21st year, the annual conference brings together over 150 biologists, geologists, environmental scientists, spatial analysts, technologists, geophysicists, and environmental advisors from around the world and provides a unique multidisciplinary forum for the exchange of knowledge and ideas that underpin sustainable ocean management.

Francisco’s presentation at this year’s GeoHab conference paves the way for some very exciting GeoSwath technology updates coming very soon… watch this space and make sure to follow us on LinkedIn for the latest technology news and announcements.