Swathe Services located in Hayle, Cornwall have recently expanded their equipment rental pool capability, now offering the GeoSwath 4, GeoPulse Compact OTS and Pulsar side scan sonar for hire.

James Williams, Managing Director at Swathe Services said “Traditionally we have supported our customers’ survey requirements with pure Hydrographic equipment, but with the acquisition of the GeoAcoustics suite of survey systems, we can now offer a wider Geophysical support capability.  There are also plans underway to integrate these systems into both the ‘Inception’ and ‘Accession’ class Unmanned Survey Vessel’s (USV’s) through our sister company Unmanned Survey Solutions which will give us the ability to provide turn-key solutions of pre-calibrated survey systems on a proven USV platforms to our existing customer base.”

Great Yarmouth based GeoAcoustics have been manufacturing marine survey equipment for over 42 years and produce world-leading sonar systems.  The GeoSwath4 offers the industry’s most efficient swath bathymetry and side scan seabed mapping system for shallow waters.  The Pulsar side scan Sonar is designed for easy deployment and intuitive operation, acquiring high resolution acoustic images of the seabed. The GeoPulse Compact OTS is a technically advanced sub-bottom profiler with low power requirements and versatile deployment options. 

“We’re very pleased to be able to now offer a wider range of GeoAcoustics products to Swathe Services customers, and we look forward to working closely with both Swathe and USS in the future as we bring new and innovative products to the market” added GeoAcoustics General Manager Dr. Richard Dowdeswell.