University of East Anglia Awards are coming soon
The Innovation and Impact Awards ceremony takes place on May 10th
We’re delighted to report that our collaboration project, ‘Commercial exploitation of artificial intelligence to enhance and automate seabed mapping’ with Dr. Wenjia Wang and Dr. Ben Milner (School of Computing Sciences) has been shortlisted in the ‘Outstanding Commercialisation of Research’ category at the University of East Anglia 2022 Innovation and Impact Awards.

This on-going project was also shortlisted in the ‘Partnership of the Year’ category for the 2021 awards, so it looks like our use of A.I. to analyse subsea data is certainly being recognised in academic circles. The goal of our work with Dr. Wang and Dr. Milner is to accelerate data analysis within the GeoSwath 4 bathymetric sonar software to make real-time, high-quality data streams possible.

Through this, users can benefit from a more dynamic approach to their surveys by making decisions based on clean data as the operation continues. This can save time and money for the marine aspects of a survey and ensures that the cleanest possible data arrives on shore to significantly reduce post-processing requirements.

The annual Innovation and Impact Awards were established to recognise the outstanding research impact and spirit of innovation embodied by UEA’s staff, students and graduates, and the important role of our collaborators beyond the world of academia. This year’s awards ceremony takes place on 10th May. We’ll be rooting for Dr. Wang and Dr. Milner to win the prize and will let you know the outcome when we do!

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