Chesapeake Technology Inc (CTI) has partnered with GeoAcoustics Ltd to provide users a complete survey solution, combining hardware and software for a seamless operation of sidescan and sub bottom sonar systems. All sonars will include the SonarWiz data acquisition package.

Introduced in the latest release of SonarWiz, version 7.7.4, the GeoAcoustics Pulsar sidescan and the GeoPulse Compact sub bottom system can be operated without the need for any additional software. Full control of the sonar settings – including power, gain, ping rate and more, are handled in the SonarWiz software.

While collecting data, real time mosaicking, targeting, scrolling displays and navigation and more can be viewed by the operator in SonarWiz. Data is logged to a SEGY file (sub bottom) and XTF (sidescan).

For an additional cost users can add SonarWiz Office Sidescan or Sub-bottom modules or both, and take advantage of the many robust and easy to use post processing tools and reports. For further information, please contact Chesapeake or GeoAcoustics.