Talking AI at GeoHab 2022

Conference presentation
Francisco (left) presented the first paper at GeoHab 2022 on Monday 16th May.

GeoAcoustics Product Specialist Francisco J Gutierrez has been in Venice at the GeoHab 2022 conference all week, where he was proud to kick off the proceedings on Monday morning, with a paper and practical demonstration highlighting the application of Artificial Intelligence in bathymetric data processing.

GEOHAB is an international association of marine scientists studying and mapping geophysical, biophysical, and geomorphic indicators of benthic communities, species diversity, and distribution.

A university building in Venice
For the first time, the GeoHab venue this year was Venice International University, San Servolo Island

In its 21st year, the annual conference brings together over 150 biologists, geologists, environmental scientists, spatial analysts, technologists, geophysicists, and environmental advisors from around the world and provides a unique multidisciplinary forum for the exchange of knowledge and ideas that underpin sustainable ocean management.

Francisco's presentation at this year's GeoHab conference paves the way for some very exciting GeoSwath technology updates coming very soon... watch this space and make sure to follow us on LinkedIn for the latest technology news and announcements.

Electric Vehicle charging stations on wall of factory

GeoAcoustics is on the Road to Net Zero

We’re on the Road to Net Zero at our Great Yarmouth facility.

Recent projects include changing every single light bulb in our building to LED with the help of Cema Lighting, which reduces our power consumption by 30%.

We have also made it easier for our staff to choose more environmentally friendly transport to work, with completion of the installation of 10 x 22 KW Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations. The chargers were installed by GRD Electrical as part of our journey on the Road to Net Zero.

Electric Vehicle charging stations on wall of factory

Reaching Net Zero at our Great Yarmouth plant is an ongoing process but we are committed to reducing energy consumption to ensure a sustainable and environmentally friendly infrastructure that will support our work in developing high-performance bathymetric sonars, Side Scans Sonars and Sub-Bottom Profilers for decades to come.

Our new LED lights and EV charging station projects were part-funded by the UK Government through the UK Community Renewal Fund. The UK Community Renewal Fund is a UK Government programme for 2021/22. This aims to support people and communities most in need across the UK to pilot programmes and new approaches to prepare for the UK Shared Prosperity Fund. It invests in skills, community and place, local business, and supporting people into employment. For more information, visit UK Community Renewal Fund: prospectus - GOV.UK (

Pulsar on the back deck of Nautical Explorer

The 2nd Hamburg Marine Survey Sessions

The 2nd Hamburg Marine Survey Sessions
Richard Dowdeswell details A.I. developments at the 2nd Hamburg Marine Survey Sessions

Our General Manager Richard Dowdeswell presented at the 2nd Hamburg Marine Survey Sessions this week. His focus was on the use of A.I. to unlock the power of real-time, high-quality data onboard. For many in the audience, the ability to get a live data stream during a survey was very positive news, and there was definitely real excitement after Richard had shown how GeoAcoustics' work with the University of East Anglia will result in A.I. data-processing capabilities for GeoSwath very soon.

Christening of the MANTAS T12 USV
Christening of the MANTAS T12 USV

A.I. and autonomy were very high on the agenda at the 2nd Hamburg Marine Survey Sessions, which was organised by marine survey company Nicola Offshore and several partners working in the offshore wind, technology, and services segments. A brand new USV called Autonomous Surveyor was christened by GeoAcoustics partner Subsea Europe Servicves and delegates also got the opportunity to see an innovative 'hovering AUV' from Singapore company BeeX in action.

Demonstrating Pulsar on the Nautical Explorer
Demonstrating Pulsar on the Nautical Explorer

We also took the opportunity to highlight the practically real-time data available from the GeoAcoustics Pulsar side scan sonar, which was installed on Nicola Offshore's Nautical Explorer survey vessel. The demo sessions went without a hitch, with Richard able to show delegates the quality and speed of detailed data produced by the Pulsar system, which was being towed two metres behind and easily showing accurate images of barges, moored vessels and dockside walls.

University of East Anglia Awards are coming soon

Joint A.I. project shortlisted for award

University of East Anglia Awards are coming soon
The Innovation and Impact Awards ceremony takes place on May 10th
We’re delighted to report that our collaboration project, ‘Commercial exploitation of artificial intelligence to enhance and automate seabed mapping’ with Dr. Wenjia Wang and Dr. Ben Milner (School of Computing Sciences) has been shortlisted in the ‘Outstanding Commercialisation of Research’ category at the University of East Anglia 2022 Innovation and Impact Awards.

This on-going project was also shortlisted in the ‘Partnership of the Year’ category for the 2021 awards, so it looks like our use of A.I. to analyse subsea data is certainly being recognised in academic circles. The goal of our work with Dr. Wang and Dr. Milner is to accelerate data analysis within the GeoSwath 4 bathymetric sonar software to make real-time, high-quality data streams possible.

Through this, users can benefit from a more dynamic approach to their surveys by making decisions based on clean data as the operation continues. This can save time and money for the marine aspects of a survey and ensures that the cleanest possible data arrives on shore to significantly reduce post-processing requirements.

The annual Innovation and Impact Awards were established to recognise the outstanding research impact and spirit of innovation embodied by UEA’s staff, students and graduates, and the important role of our collaborators beyond the world of academia. This year’s awards ceremony takes place on 10th May. We’ll be rooting for Dr. Wang and Dr. Milner to win the prize and will let you know the outcome when we do!

More information and brochures for previous awards can be found here.

Check the Tech! Oi 2022 incoming...

The February 2022 edition of Ocean News & Technology features an update on GeoAcoustics Ltd, our bathymetric systems and sub-bottom profilers, as well as a look ahead at what we'll show on our stand at Oceanology International. Head over to the digital issue to Check the Tech...

Subsea Europe Service GmbH appointed as new GeoAcoustics Ltd partner

We are pleased to report that we recently signed a partnership agreement with hydroacoustic technology specialist Subsea Europe Services GmbH, who will add the GeoPulse Sub Bottom Profiler technology to its subsea sales & rental portfolios.

The agreement with the Hamburg, Germany-based marine survey sensors, services, and solutions provider builds on the extensive worldwide partner network we have built since becoming an independent company.
GeoAcoustics Ltd now has approved representation in 70 countries from China and Singapore to the USA and Scandinavia.

“With experience and access to the North Sea coastal zone and offshore sectors, as well as reach into European inland waterways, we expect our partnership with Subsea Europe Services to meet existing demand while opening up new areas and applications for our products,” said Richard Dowdeswell, General Manager, GeoAcoustics Ltd.

Sören Themann, CEO, Subsea Europe Services GmbH
“The GeoAcoustics name is synonymous with reliability and effectiveness in the shallow water market, and we are pleased to bring the quality and functionality it represents into our portfolio for sales and rental customers,” said Sören Themann, CEO, Subsea Europe Services GmbH.

Find out more about Subsea Europe Services GmbH at
Locate your nearest GeoAcoustic partner at

Shallow water survey with GeoSwath

Polish survey company Echogram S.C. has produced a fine-looking video to visualise the data they collected with GeoSwath on the Węgorapa river in northeastern Poland. Have a look for yourself on their LinkedIn profile.

Chinese partner network expands with East Ocean appointment

EastOcean logo
We are excited to give our Chinese partner network a boost this week following the signing of a new partnership agreement with Nanjing East Ocean Technology Co.,LTD.

Already well established as a leading marine survey company and equipment provider in and around the Jiangsu Province, East Ocean is the 9th GeoAcoustics partner in China, which is a key market for the field-proven, cost-effective survey solutions we provide globally.

Commenting Daming Wang, General Manager of Nanjing East Ocean Technology Co.,LTD said: “We are very happy to cooperate with GeoAcoustics. The Products are very professional and welcome in China, so I expect a bright future for both of us.”

Richard Dowdeswell, General Manager at GeoAcoustics Ltd., added: “East Ocean has the survey and technical expertise to ensure that GeoPulse, GeoSwath and Pulsar end-users have a qualified partner to access the products and to provide support for their operation if required.”

Bad weather? No problem…

Just in case you missed it last week, our Palermo, Italy headquartered partner GBT Offshore posted a short video highlighting multibeam river surveying using the GeoSwath 4R.

A GeoAcoustics partner since August 2021, Geo Bio Team Group (GBT) provides an innovative, knowledge-based and expertise-sharing approach to offshore services. The company was founded in 2013 and focuses on providing highly skilled marine science support on a wide variety of offshore projects. These range from Oil & Gas, to Marine Renewables, Telecommunications, and Nautical Charting industries, while keeping close partnerships with Research Institutes.

As seen in GBT Offshore’s video, GeoSwath 4R is the rugged variant of the powerful GeoSwath 4 bathymetric sonar and is made for installation on open boats. The system offers industry-leading simultaneous swath bathymetry and side-scan sonar mapping for shallow waters. It comes with a compact, splash-protected deck unit housing and ruggedised laptop, making it the ideal solution for surveying even in bad weather and rougher conditions. It offers unmatched coverage in shallow-waters with ultra high resolution swath bathymetry and a 240° field of view. This can be right up to the waterline.

GBT Offshore is the sole GeoAcoustics Ltd partner in Italy and Malta, and an experienced and professional team to work with. Find out more about how they are positioned to help you get high-quality bathymetry and side-scan data with GeoSwath 4 at or find their contact details on our channel partners page.

GeoSwath 4R can be used on open deck boats even in bad weather