GeoAcoustics Ltd Returns to Independent Ownership

GeoAcoustics Ltd has returned to independent ownership following divestment from the Norwegian multinational Kongsberg Maritime AS. Kongsberg originally acquired the Company in 2008 and it has been a part of the Sensors & Robotics business area.

Based in Great Yarmouth in the United Kingdom, GeoAcoustics have been manufacturing marine survey equipment for more than 42 years, and it is a world-leading manufacturer of sonar survey systems for engineering, geophysics and Naval survey applications. Principle product lines are swath bathymetry systems for shallow waters, side scan sonars and sub-bottom profilers.

GeoAcoustics’ General Manager Dr Richard Dowdeswell commented “This is an exciting chapter in the history of GeoAcoustics and we are looking forward to expanding our global reach through the introduction of new channel partners as well as bringing new products to market”

Arne Rinnan, Executive Vice President Sensors & Robotics added “We are satisfied with achieving an amicable solution for GeoAcoustics and the team”

As part of the divestment process the parties have entered into a collaboration agreement covering product sales, assembly and manufacturing.

GeoAcoustics Adds SonarWiz to all Pulsar Sidescan and GeoPulse Compact Sub Bottom Sonars

Chesapeake Technology Inc (CTI) has partnered with GeoAcoustics Ltd to provide users a complete survey solution, combining hardware and software for a seamless operation of sidescan and sub bottom sonar systems. All sonars will include the SonarWiz data acquisition package.

Introduced in the latest release of SonarWiz, version 7.7.4, the GeoAcoustics Pulsar sidescan and the GeoPulse Compact sub bottom system can be operated without the need for any additional software. Full control of the sonar settings – including power, gain, ping rate and more, are handled in the SonarWiz software.

While collecting data, real time mosaicking, targeting, scrolling displays and navigation and more can be viewed by the operator in SonarWiz. Data is logged to a SEGY file (sub bottom) and XTF (sidescan).

For an additional cost users can add SonarWiz Office Sidescan or Sub-bottom modules or both, and take advantage of the many robust and easy to use post processing tools and reports. For further information, please contact Chesapeake or GeoAcoustics.

Swathe Services expands its rental pool in latest collaboration with GeoAcoustics

Swathe Services located in Hayle, Cornwall have recently expanded their equipment rental pool capability, now offering the GeoSwath 4, GeoPulse Compact OTS and Pulsar side scan sonar for hire.

James Williams, Managing Director at Swathe Services said “Traditionally we have supported our customers’ survey requirements with pure Hydrographic equipment, but with the acquisition of the GeoAcoustics suite of survey systems, we can now offer a wider Geophysical support capability.  There are also plans underway to integrate these systems into both the ‘Inception’ and ‘Accession’ class Unmanned Survey Vessel’s (USV’s) through our sister company Unmanned Survey Solutions which will give us the ability to provide turn-key solutions of pre-calibrated survey systems on a proven USV platforms to our existing customer base.”

Great Yarmouth based GeoAcoustics have been manufacturing marine survey equipment for over 42 years and produce world-leading sonar systems.  The GeoSwath4 offers the industry's most efficient swath bathymetry and side scan seabed mapping system for shallow waters.  The Pulsar side scan Sonar is designed for easy deployment and intuitive operation, acquiring high resolution acoustic images of the seabed. The GeoPulse Compact OTS is a technically advanced sub-bottom profiler with low power requirements and versatile deployment options. 

"We're very pleased to be able to now offer a wider range of GeoAcoustics products to Swathe Services customers, and we look forward to working closely with both Swathe and USS in the future as we bring new and innovative products to the market" added GeoAcoustics General Manager Dr. Richard Dowdeswell.

GeoAcoustics Partner with Tazmar Maritime

GeoAcoustics are very pleased to announce the appointment of Tazmar Maritime as a dealer in the Russian Federation.

As one of the leading suppliers of high-tech maritime equipment in the region, Tazmar have extensive experience in carrying out comprehensive surveys for dredging, environmental monitoring, sub-sea structural assessments and sub-bottom object examination, as well as having a wealth of expertise in the import and supply of high-end marine technology.

GeoAcoustics General Manager Richard Dowdeswell commented, “We are very happy to welcome Tazmar Maritime into the GeoAcoustics family and are looking forward to working closely with them during this exciting new partnership.”

GeoAcoustics Release GeoSwath 1.0.24

GeoAcoustics Ltd have released the latest version of the GeoSwath software used to collect and process bathymetric data from their GeoSwath system. This is the first release of GeoSwath software since GeoAcoustics became independent from Kongsberg Maritime at the end of last year.

The GeoSwath system designed specifically for Unmanned Survey Vessels (USVs) is now being deployed on an increasing number of vessel types, therefore a variety of new features and modifications have been made to the software to further improve usability.

GeoAcoustics are offering a simple, low-cost upgrade program for previous versions of the software. For further information about upgrading to the latest version, please contact

GeoAcoustics Appoints Sergio Vettese as Chief Operations Officer

UK based Marine survey equipment group GeoAcoustics Ltd. ( has appointed Sergio Vettese as its new Chief Operating Officer. Sergio is a Chartered Engineer with extensive experience of the  automotive, defence, telecommunications and environmental sectors. Having graduated with a BSc(Hons) in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Sergio developed a firm footing in hardware and software engineering before progressing onto project, portfolio and programme management in both public and private sectors. He has headed up applied technology departments delivering innovative monitoring solutions for the marine environment, and has led delivery of complex marine science projects both in the UK and overseas. Sergio, who has held various senior leadership and director positions, will take over the day-to-day operations of GeoAcoustics Ltd as it delivers a new strategic plan since in the wake of its independence from Kongsberg Maritime in 2020.


Richard Dowdeswell, General Manager, adds; “I’m delighted to welcome Sergio to the GeoAcoustics team. Sergio brings a range of skills, knowledge and expertise which make him an ideal choice for Chief Operating Officer of the company. I have no doubt that he will have an immediate positive impact and will play a significant role in the delivery of the company strategy, solidifying our position as a leading supplier of marine survey equipment.”

Reflecting on his appointment, Sergio remarked that he is looking forward to the challenge ahead. “I’m grateful for the opportunity to contribute towards the future success of GeoAcoustics Ltd. The experience I have gained throughout my professional career in a variety of exciting positions provides a rich foundation to drive results in my new role. In many ways, this appointment is a natural progression of my career path and I’m excited to be part of such an exciting company’s future.”