Who we are

Located in Great Yarmouth, UK, GeoAcoustics Ltd is a leading manufacturer of high-quality sonar equipment for bathymetry, side scan and sub-bottom profiling applications

GeoAcoustics was founded in 1978 as ORE Ltd. as a leasing operation of offshore research equipment, which included Side Scan, Profiling, SBL/LBL positioning and Acoustic Telemetry systems. 

In 1983 it was bought by Ferranti Industrial Electronics Ltd’s becoming part of the Offshore Industries Group and renamed Ferranti ORE Ltd.

 In 1991 it returned into private ownership and was renamed GeoAcoustics Ltd.  

In 2008 it was purchased by Kongsberg Maritime AS, operating in the Sensors and Robotics division and renamed Kongsberg GeoAcoustics Ltd

Following divestment from Kongsberg in December 2020, GeoAcoustics once again returned to independent ownership following a management buyout.

What we offer

Bathymetric Sonar

Our industry-leading interferometric systems offer highly accurate, efficient simultaneous swath bathymetry and side scan sonar mapping for shallow water environments. With versatile hull mounting options as well as USV integration, the GeoSwath product line is a reliable and adaptable solution, making it suitable for a wide array of survey tasks and applications, including hydrographic surveys, environmental assessments, infrastructure inspection and inland waterway and seabed mapping. 

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Side Scan Sonar

The Pulsar has been specifically designed for simple deployment and intuitive operation, capturing high resolution images of the seabed using a rugged tow fish which can be easily operated with a water-protected deck unit and a portable cable hand reel. The Pulsar operates within a 550KHz to 1MHz frequency with selectable FM and CW pulses, allowing the user to optimise the configuration to the survey task, making it ideal for applications such as search and recovery operations, object detection and identification, inspection of underwater structures, and marine archaeology.

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Sub-Bottom Profiling

Our trusted range of sub-bottom profilers provide unparalleled reliability and accuracy of data, producing repeatable, high-quality results time after time. The GeoPulse product line offers a high-performance solution, making it suitable for a wide range of both inland and offshore applications, such as geological surveys, pipeline and buried structure detection, and dredging surveys.

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We at GeoAcoustics Ltd are committed to ensuring that at all levels of operation, our company participates in environmentally sustainable and ethical practices, and adheres to current environmental legislation. This approach is reflected in our Environmental Policy, which outlines our pledges to minimise the environmental impact of waste though the efficient use of resources, to train and educate employees about both local and global environmental issues, as well as engage in the continuous improvement of our Environmental Management System.